Protection of your rights


Tell us what you do, what you produce, the services you provide, inform the public about the outstanding quality of your products, services and share your great concept.

Your creations for identifying a product or service must be unique and unrepeatable. Your works, concepts and any means you generate to communicate your product and/or service must be protected against imitations and mismanagement in order to preserve the value and quality that you are offering.

By means of a Patent, Industrial Design, Utility Model, Trademark or any distinctive sign or a work, you may encompass the features of your product or service, you can protect them in addition to allowing themselves to be recognized by the consumers and differentiate them from those of the competition.

A Trademark represents an impact on the quality of life of people, their ability to choose between your product and someone else's. A Trademark is capable of defining a market with innovative ideas and even becoming a cultural symbol. Your Trademark must be capable of evolving and remain standing over time.

A Patent is the result of an inventive step with novel features in respect to the state of the art, and must have an industrial application.

All the features make your Trademark, Patent, concept or intellectual work, an intangible asset with economic value, so please make sure you do not expose them to competitors or imitations that may damage or discredit your product, method or service.

González Rossi understands the importance of these values ​​and makes sure they are all protected.